Sunday, 1 September 2013

Long time no see!

Well hello there... long time no see. I can't believe that the last post I had was coming up to the holidays and now... its all over! I have had 6 weeks off and haven't written a single word! This saddens me, but I am back for now :) SO over the holidays I have had a change of mind, before I was adamant that I wasn't going to uni next year, although now.. I am considering it. I have been looking at midwifery recently and I have decided that it is something I seriously want to do, although there are so many things causing problems such as grades, subjects and my confidence. By the end of this year I am determined to make it through with 3 distinction *'s and HOPEFULLY a B in psychology :) This will pretty much kill me but I am so determined to get it! I have never wanted so much before other than to become a midwife! I just don;t know what I am doing at the moment..

I am sadly excited to get back to school to give me something to do :) I am also really looking forward to seeing all my friends :) Although this year we are all wearing suits which should be interesting, I don't really mind it although I do think that some people are going to have problems with it... it will be fun to see what happens.

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a brilliant summer if you have been off school or work :) and I will be posting more about what I have been up to soon, if your interesting keep posted :) thank you for this short read!

TTFN :) Micky xxxx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Favorite time of the year

Now I know this post is a little random but recently I have been thinking about my favorite time of the year, I used to think it was the summer, obviously with the sun, tans and also all the trips to the beach! Well now, I think it has been sitting in the sun so much and melting that has made me think more about it all.. and I have to say that I KNOW that winter is now my most special time of the year... there are a few reasons as to why that is and I am now going to share them :) 

So firstly, I would say that the most important factor is that on the 22nd December Chima, my boyfriend, asked me out, and since then things have just got better and better! I can honestly say that this year has been so much fun and a lot better than ever before all because it started with him <3 mushy I know, but true! So that is my main point as to why winter is my most favorite time of the year because it just sparked so many lovely memories..

Secondly, it is because it's just a jolly time of the year isn't it? Unless your the grinch... O.o ANYWAY, you can give presents to people, you can get presents yourself.. you can play in the snow! (that part is always fun) There is so much to do at Christmas  it is endless at times! Waking up on Christmas day and tearing up all the paper to get to your presents, I just love it all! 

Finally.. I have a dream *sing that line* and this dream is that I can sit in front of a fire, watching the snow outside, snuggled up in a blanket with my bubba... of course there will be a hot chocolate on the scene (marshmallows & froth is a must have right now)! Perfect... Can you not imagine that? Okay fine, if you don't like hot chocolate then change it to something you do like (got it.... good) now imagine in front of a fire with whoever you want to be with.. It is just heaven, well I think it is anyway, and if it makes me weird that I want all of this instead of this lovely hot weather then so be it... :) 

Thank you for reading, comments welcome :) TTFN!

Micky xxxx

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Hey there everyone! I hope you all have been checking out this weather! :) it is CRAAAAAAAZY!! Has it ever been so hot and sunny in England?! Well I for one have been trying to get out in the sun as much as possible, partly because I want a tan but also because I am sick of staying inside when I could be out there having fun like most other normal people..

So I will start with Saturday I went to my boyfriends house for the afternoon and then at have 6 we went back to my house and had a BBQ, because in this weather it is jus a must have isn't it?? So that was lovely, then that night we went on a walk through the lanes that surround my house so that I could take him to a party in the same village, but I think today has been the best for me. Chima came round in the morning nice and early and then we went on a 5 hour walk to a national forest place near my house, we went there in the boiling sun to have a lovely gander on this sunny day and to also have a picnic... I think it was the most fun I have had in a while. We also went on a cow hunt there and found one cow that I was scared of and then a whole heard... Though i did let on sniff me so I got to touch its nose haha..  That was so much fun so now I have decided I want a cow :) 

Anyway, these past 2 days have made me see how much fun I can have if I just get off my arse and make sure I get outside more. I have had the best weekend that I have had in a very long time and that was because I made sure that I was busy both days.. So for all you out there who sit on your bot bots at the weekend stuck inside like I normally do then shake a leg!! GET OUT THERE AND HAVE SOME FUN... I can say that you will feel so much better after it.. 

Do it now. 

TTFN, thank you for reading... Micky xxxx

Friday, 5 July 2013

Hello again...!

Hello again  everyone :) just thought I would inform you of my experiences now... Well I have been gone for a while, this is because even though my exams have finished I have still had tonnes of coursework to get through before the summer. Although because of my subject choices it means that I have had to do a mad rush with everything at the end, meaning.. I have got 11days left to do 7 days work experience and also the coursework that's left... you may think that's nothing, but I tell you now, that's a lot of work and very little time...

Now this week I have been at a care home doing my first few hours of work experience. The care home is for elderly ladies who suffer from dementia, to start with I was really worried about going because I am not the most confident person in the world and I hate meeting new people, but this experience has shown me so much. The first day I was welcomed by all the staff at the home who were all as lovely as the next, the residents there were also really lovely which straight away helped my nerves. I understand more and more why its important to go on placements to see what you enjoy and don't enjoy and I have to say, I loved my time at the care home. Sadly I finished there today for this year.. I had a really good day with challenging one resident who apparently was over 100 years old to a game of cards (I lost), seeing how much fun she was having really kept me smiling knowing that I was helping someone have fun for once...

Anyway :) that's all for now.. if anyone is deciding whether or not they want to work experience I strongly recommend it, it is really fun and rewarding and you get to see what you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

TTFN, Micky xxxx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Now recently I have posted about my photo's that I have done so I have been moved to do a couple more today... although as before you may have seen some photo's before.. but this time instead of just random photo's that I pick I decided to have a theme, and I have decided that today shall be butterflies and maybe a little dragonfly. I personally love taking photo's of butterflies, along with flowers this has to be one of my favorite. Sometimes it can be impossible to get them to sit still long enough for you to get close and focus although other times they will just sit there peacefully for as long as you could want! Now this is the type of flutterby I love. Here are some pictures of what I managed to get butterfly wise :) 

I know a couple of those may seem a little blurred around the edges but I wanted to show the different types of butterfly that I have managed to see, they weren't ALL in my back garden though people... some were at the zoo :) 

SO next up I am sneaking in a little dragonfly, now there is only one photo because of HOW HARD IT IS to get a photo of one of these butts... they spend most of their time flying around avoiding the camera or they are hiding somewhere, so this was lucky to walk past.  I don't know why but I really like this photo.. most of it is in focus to I guess that's probably why haha... 

I hope you have liked these photos, comments are once again welcome at the bottom :) feel free to say if you don't like them or maybe you do, love to hear what you have to think... Thank you :)

Micky xxxx

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A few more

So hey again, I haven't had any wonderful ideas recently about what I could write about that would be of any interest to you all.. SOOOO I have decided to show a few more photo's that I have taken, again, if you have already seen my blog then you may have seen the photo's but if not here you go :)

So there you go again, a couple more of my photo's some of them I am not completely happy with but hey, they will never be perfect :) I can't make my mind up though on that damn slug, it took me ages to find him but non of the photo's I took I was completely happy with, oh well :) Hope you like them!

Micky xxxx

Monday, 10 June 2013

My favorite photo's

Hey everyone, I am not too good at this regular blogging thing, my bad, so this time I wanted to add a couple of photos to the collection, some you may have already seen before but this time I wanted to add the ones that I personally find my favorite, feel free to comment at the bottom to share your own opinions :) 

"These are a few of my favorite things" tehehe, I sang that (if you didn't go back and sing it) SO anyway, I hope you liked them :) feel free to comment your opinions whether you like them or not, keep watching for more posts, feeling in the mood to do another one really soon :) 

TTFN, Micky xxxx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Now this morning, I was perched in bed just having a good old think about my past. At school the year 11's have just left for their study leave, meaning that for most of them they are entering a 13 week summer holiday before going to college or coming back to sixth form. A lot of my year (year 12) are saying how they best enjoy it because they are going to miss all the parties and all the celebrations when they are in the next year. That got me thinking about my friends. 

Now for the past few years I have swapped friendship groups so many times... I moved around the year having friends in all groups, although now I have settled into a huge group who are just the very best of people. Although throughout all this time I have met one person, who was there for me all the time... he is now my boyfriend surprisingly... anyway! I was thinking this morning that the best time of the past year as not the parties that I went to.. it was the friends that I had with me. At the moment I have 6 very close friends, we are all mad and weird, that's probably why we get along so well.. we know what to say to each other to cheer us all up, and we know whats best for each other. Without all the soppyness... I love my friends, they are people who I want to keep close to me throughout life.. no matter how much they say that we won't stay in contact after sixth form (they have no idea how good a stalker I am) 

For those of you my age out there... keep your friends close... you will never know how much you need them when something happens. 

                      "Friends are like bra's, close to the heart and there for support"

Thank you for reading :) 

Micky xxxx

Monday, 27 May 2013

Baking some cupcakes.. yum

Well hey there :) Today, I had a whale of a time baking... I was going to do some yesterday but came across the small problem of there being no sugar *gasp in horror*... so anyway, I decided to do plain cupcakes.. then I had a better idea... I was going to spice it up a little ;) I then decorated them, now you may think they look terrible but my friends... this is the best I have ever made cupcakes and I personally impressed myself. Although mum wasn't impressed considering her kitchen looked like a bomb had hit a flour factory (everyone has to agree that stuff goes everywhere) Oh and also I have died red hands and also tints of blue, I look magical ^_^ This is the outcome! :)
The very first two decorated

Spicing it up with red and blue and two hearts...
The top 12 ;) 

Reserved for the boyf :') 

The not so good lot :( 

We had a breakage... Mr. Duck got a snapped neck...

My ingredients are a simple 4 things... 4 duck eggs (they are meant to be better for baking, so I might as well use them as I have egg laying ducks in the garden) 8oz of self raising flour, 8oz of butter and then 8oz of sugar :) Although today I did about 12 oz of everything to match how much the eggs weighed.. smush all that together my friends and the outcome are some pretty yummy treats :) add your own toppings, icing, sugar, sweets, sprinkles! You name it, whack it on :) 

I would do the complete recipe but I have already done it on a past post.. so if you want to know how to do it flick back on my blog to a couple of months ago :)

I haven't tried one yet... I probably should before I let others eat them. I could be murdered if they don't taste okay after all the mess I made haha :) I must defend myself and say that I did tidy it all a way myself, even if it did take about an hour and mum was having to shimmy around me to make tea. Happy baking readers :) thank you for your time ;) 

TTFN Micky xxxx

Monday, 13 May 2013

New bedroom! :)

Well this is going to be a little post me thinks again :) So recently my brother, Ben, moved out (whippieee)! This is kinda sad as I don't get to see him as much and I do really miss him (I hope he doesn't see that) although.... It also means that I get his old room! Now my friends this is very good news because I basically had a box of a room, no lighting really apart from my desk light and now I have a room so much bigger and lighter! We just finished it this weekend and I have to say it looks so much nicer than I expected :') Here it is.... 

Pillows and Teddies

Duvet Cover



Crafts Elephant

Pretty picture

Heart lights

Best Frame
Now I know you might all be thinking, why am I doing a post like this? Well truthfully it's because I am amazed at what I have managed to do, I did most of the painting in here, and also helped build everything (my dad did that hard parts) and I am pretty damn proud of myself :) I have never had anything so pretty and fun before and I intend to keep it all clean and lovely this time :) this is one thing that I have managed to cram in before my exams... (starting tomorrow eek) 

Well thank you for the read :) TTFN <3 

Micky xxxx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Exam time

Now as every other 17 year old in school we are coming up to exam times... YAY... I joke, not yay at all... All this means is about 2 months where we want to scream, cry and rip our hair out. This is not a fun time of the year. Every teacher believes that their subject is more important, no matter what order the actual exams go in... for example, this weekend I had a psychology revision session at school, fair enough, although the exam isn't until NEXT month and my history exam is TUESDAY this week.. so I missed a day of revision for my nearest exam, hmm, I do not see the logic in having the revision session so far away from the exam, but hey :) 

For now, I have decided I am going to get early nights in bed, relaxing with a candle on my bed side table and my pretty little lights... this will be my de-stress time as I will spend from 6:30am until 8pm stressing, crying and wanting to rip out my own hair, much like everyone else :) 

So for all you readers out there who may have exams near now, I wish you all luck and the very best :) remember, be calm, don't be too much of a moose and rip out hair etc... deep breathing and possibly eating too much chocolate is the way forward from now me thinks :) TTFN <3 

Micky xxxx

Friday, 10 May 2013

A return & the zoo

Well hey there my readers and fellow bloggers! :) I think it has been about 5 weeks since my last post! Although I have to say not much has really happened since then, I have been very boring... although this post is one I wanted to use to show my journey to the zoo :) So here goes... 

It was my 17th birthday on the 1st of May, so as a present mum and dad took me and my boyf, Chima, to the zoo! :) YAAY! Well I know many of you may be thinking that this is a bit of a silly present for a 17 year old, BUT my friends, the zoo is amazing no matter how old you are. Besides we mainly went for the photos, as you may have seen I love photography, and my parents much more so! :) ANYWAY, Saturday the 4th we went to Chester Zoo! It was about a 2 hour drive, but it was very very very worth it :) twas a sunny day too! I will share some photos with you :) 

The sun was reflecting off it's feathers.... 

Blue Butterfly :) 

Close up of another Flutterby :) 

Yawning Cheetah 

Not the best image  of an elephant :( 

Lion :) 

Ickle Meerkat :) 

Two meerkats :) 

Pretty butterfly!

Tiger.... LOVE this one :') 

Zebra... omnomnoming :)
Licking it's nose? YUM.
So there you go :) these are the photos I took, not all obviously, I think I took about 300 :) As you do... these are the best I think that I can show :) I particularly  love the tiger and the cheetah :) although they are my favorites, I don't know about you :) I hope you enjoy them all too... 
Anyway :) the actual day was lovely! We got there about 11 after a 2 hour journey, although dad was moaning so much that he was hungry we had to eat before we got to look at any of the animals, sadly, the giraffes were being cleaned out when we wanted to see them, so mum was a little miffed because they were what she wanted to get a photo of the MOST! Sad times.... Other than that the day was great :) it was fun and the sun was shining on us! Yaay :) 

So I think that's enough blabbering for now :) I hope you enjoy the photos again, just to say... GO TO THE ZOO PEOPLE, IT'S SO MUCH FUN. TTFN :) hope to do another post soon.... :) BYE! <3 

Micky xxx