Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A small rant on fools

 I found myself in rather a increasingly severe situation today... I nearly got crushed by people. Now you may think I am some foolish child that walked into someone today, well my friends that is NOT the case. I was attempting to collect a folder from a bench when it all began! As a fellow midget (I am considered small at the height of 5ft 4 when everyone else around me is scaling 6ft or above) I was plodding towards my folder, which was in clear sight when suddenly a mosh of year 13's decided to barge in front of me. AHHHHH. In the situation I panicked of course, thinking that was going to be the end of my life as I was going to be crushed to death by these giants. Well here is what happened; the gap between me and my folder was closing and these MAMMOTHS were piling on me (walking past me and stopping in front of me) then to make things better, someone decided to stand on my tippy toes, which can I add, was very very very painful. BUT THEN I did the most amazing thing (in my opinion) I bopped, I slid, I shimmied and I kinda tripped and maybe shoved my way out of the mosh! It was not elegant at all, it was embarrassing, but you know what! I got out of there! :)
This is what I feel I faced?
I really cannot stand it when people get in my way, I have a short temper I know, but when people get in my way it just drives me up the wall! For example, people that walk in front of me so I stop to let them get past and then they stop too and just gather around each other and talk, leaving me stood there with no where to go! WHY?! Why do they insist on doing that? Hmm it will always amaze me how people manage to do this and not notice they are in the way of everyone else, or maybe it is just me being a grumpy teen (probably that tbh) but please.... if you have ever found yourself in that kind  of situation comment and tell me your tales because I cannot be the only person out there that finds themselves stuck with a crowd of fools who get in the way, maybe you too have some fancy moves to wriggle out of a crush? TTFN readers!! Enjoy your evenings!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Well I have no idea's what to write for my post tonight, but I have finally come up with something.. I think, it isn't fun or interesting, it's just something I can waffle about really. So a few months ago I realised that maybe sixth form wasn't the best idea for me... I'm not stupid or anything like that, I can do the work fine, I just have NO confidence and have NO ability to work properly without getting distracted. People that know me well know I have severe meltdowns in lessons and exams. For my A-levels I took Psychology (weird but interesting) BTEC Health and History. Well... my health lessons mean that I am loaded like a donkey each time I see a new teacher, so my work builds up, but now... I have the slight issue of getting it all done for the deadlines. I know it is possible because people do it every year, but right now I am not seeing any way of how I am going to make it! I had to face the decision of whether I am going leave sixth form and find a job or continue feeling like I am going to fail. My friends are supportive but begging that I do not leave. Although I feel loved I am having issues planning what I am going to do really. The people that can make decisions and keep themselves organised are my idols, seriously, I love you. I want to be like you. I fear I am not going to UNI in a couple of years, due to the fact I am terrible in busy areas (I am apparently a easily stressed and short tempered person). Maybe the answer will hit me one day... because right now I am muddled in so many directions and not knowing where to go makes it even harder to sort myself out. School or job.... ahhhh. Life, blegh. Due to my results last year I am now expected to get A's and distinctions in all my work, which can I add IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Which is making me think, I will not need to decide what to do after year 12 because my mum will hang me when she see's my first results.. ahh. How people make themselves organised and make those big decisions amazes me, I know we all have to do it to make sure that we move on through our lives, but right now?! WHAT AM I DOING?! I have no idea. All I can see at the moment is me sitting in an arm chair with a cuppa' tea and a lovely Jam doughnut.. that's how I get through my evenings at the moment. Cups of tea because there is no better drink in the world. I hope everyone out there has made the right decisions for themselves and are leading happy lives :) Pip pip for now! *Now in deep thought of my life, what's going on?*

Sunday, 27 January 2013

A little more photography

Just wanted to share a few of my photo's, you may have seen a couple before if you have read my blog before? If not then I hope you enjoy them all. I know some aren't the best of quality, like the last image you will see, I have uploaded it purely because it is scary (I hate spiders)... Feel free to leave comments whether you like this post or not, always welcomed.  Taking photo's is what I love, although I might not take the best photo's I love all of them as long as they mean something to me and aren't completely blurred! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Raindrops on leaves

Raindrops on tulips

Yellow water spider


Flying bumblebee

Bee on the flower

Wheat in the wind

Lonely yellow leaf

Another dragonfly

Spider in web


Under a seagul

Butterfly (again) 

Do you think the little spider knows there is a bigger one behind him?!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Musical Interests

I have always been interested in music, in primary school I used to sing and play the flute which I don't think many people know about me... My main love from music is piano music! I don't know about you but I find it amazing! If my fingers were a tad longer I would of loved to have learnt how to play. We have a piano at my Grandma's house which only gets used sadly when my uncle visits from Scotland and he manages to play some fantastic pieces on it. My brother used to play the violin, it sounded amazing! Now he plays the guitar, he can pick anything up and play it like he has been learning it for the past 10 years, its boggling. I may attempt to play the flute again, although it will probably sound like a air bag as I have lost my touch now.. Oh well, worth a try isn't it!? 

The music industry at the moment is full of people like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, don't get me wrong they can produce some great pieces of music, but for me it's the deeper darker songs that mean the most. My most listened to song is by Plumb - Cut. I don't know why I like it so much, my friend Sarah complains it's too depressing, but there is something about the song that's happy too? Listen and find your own opinion of it? The best songs are ones that mean something and the ones that you can relate to! They bring a smile to your face when you need it, you can close your eyes and sing through the words in your head (or a bit of shower singing if your quite the performer?)... The Power of Love anyone? That is another song that just sends a shiver down my spine, I can go for the dramatic love songs, with meaning and power, although I am also known so dabble in the notes of Evanescence or Hollywood Undead! When it comes to music for me I am an open book, as long as I like the song I don't care who it is by.

Inspirations and Idea's

Natural setting, natural light.
A shot like this!
 I have always wanted to be inspired by beautiful things, settings and people. I find it hard to find something that suits me. When I take photo's I want to create something that's me, it will never be anything big, but it's me. With my photography I want to get that one shot that shows people what I can do, by people I mean my family more than anyone else, to show them I can capture something beautiful without needing to change it. To be in the right place at the right time is what is needed here. 

Natural colours and lights
 Another thing that I would love to have a go at is using some friends and to take some photo's of them. Using the lighting and natural surroundings is something I have always wanted to have a go at, just to see what I can capture with them. It will be a challenge to get them to agree to start with though... 

Water droplets on tulips

Raindrops on leaves


My inspirations come from what I see and from what I hear. the possibilities of what you can do with a little effort and determination are endless, I hope to be an inspiration to someone someday, perhaps through my photography?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I was asked today what I wanted to do in my future. My answer as always was "I don't know", so now I wanted to take the time to ponder about it... Being a single 90 year old with 20 cats probably isn't something to look forward to, maybe I should aim a little higher for the rest of the 74 years of my life before I get to that stage? Well after thinking a little, I have come to the conclusion that I probably will end up being that old woman, but at the age of about 40 instead of 90 as I really have no clue... When I was a little child, I wanted to be a vet, I have a crazy mind when it comes to animals and pets, I love them! I currently have 3 ducks, maybe a little random but they are a hoot! I soon came to the realisation that I was never going to be clever enough for that job, it sucked, but I moved on, animals will always be my passion though, I will always love them and I AM going to have a dog when I am older.. named 'Scooby'. In year 9 I decided I would like to try forensic science, although... I soon realised that my science skills were not as up to scratch as I had hoped, so that too went out the window. I now have no idea what I want to do, I have been told to look at being a nurse or a midwife? Maybe I will... I hope all you readers out there have a job you enjoy or if your in school, I hope you know what your aiming for in life! Good luck!
I am going to now go and figure out what I should look at in life because I think living on the streets begging for money each day is not a good life choice... Toodles. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Well I might as well continue with the winter theme as the weather still seems to be making everything that little bit harder :) which for me... I like, it's amusing. Wandering down to the bus stop this morning I found myself sliding down the pavement, it was scary yet fun! All I could hear was the crunching and cracking of the ice beneath my feet. *Imagine walking across a frozen lake, hearing the ice moving under your steps, dreading the moment where it is going to shatter and you will get sucked into the murky water swirling around below* Basically that's what I pictured myself doing this morning, I have a lovely imagination sometimes, but trust me, it was a near death experience walking down there today. Luckily I managed to get to the assigned place where I meet a friend before we continue the rest of the way... she too was having the same issues as me. Although she failed to imagine herself making the dangerous adventure across the lake of ice. After finally arriving at the stop we stood there in the freezing cold as normal (you may remember my past complaints about the buses reliability) and guess what happened my friends? Go on... guess... If you said "the bus didn't come" I would shake your hand. You are correct. after 40 minutes freezing our asses off for no reason, we finally decide we are going to have to find another way to get to school. 
*Skipping a few boring hours*
Now it is the end of the day... and as usual, whilst in a rush trying to leave school I get stuck behind some gossiping children who are walking no faster than a snails stroll. Today it was worse, they managed to walk even slower, whilst flinging their hands and arms in all directions because they cannot keep their balance on the ice (as much as it amused me watching everyone squirm around, it angered me GET SOME BETTER SHOES YOU IDIOTS) so every time I managed to walk around one group I would soon find myself yet again stuck behind another. It was hell. The basic point of this pointless blog, is that I hate ice and I hate children. They are not good together at all. Although, I do like my friends begging me for help when they slide around :') I am too mean to help though, sorry guys. 

Hope you have all had a safe day on the ice! Beware, it's slippy.

Monday, 21 January 2013


Can't really remember his name.. but he was cute.
Grey Owl 
Golden Eagle 
Golden Eagle, my favorite photo. 

Angry Little Owl, the facial expressions he pulled for me were adorable.
Golden Eagle catching the rabbit
 The photo's that you can see above here were all taken when I got the opportunity to take part in a Falcon Day. A small group of us were allowed access to eagles, owls and other birds of prey for the day to take photo's of. We also got the chance to hold the Golden eagles! THEY ARE HEAVY BEASTS. If you get the chance to go on something like that, take it. Even if your not really into birds or photography, I can guarantee you will have a smashing day out and even with the simplest of camera's you can get the best shots! Have a go!

Otter omnomnoming on a fish!

Close-up of a peacock feather.

Sticking his tongue out.. It makes me chuckle every time!
This is just a mad bird. Just managed to take the photo at the right time! 
 These shots here were taken when I was on holiday in 2011. We went to an otter sanctuary, we had also visited this place 2 years earlier, but we went back to see the otters and other animals again. Yet another great day out with the chance to take some shots of animals in the weirdest of positions as you can see with the dear there... You may think that some of the photo's are a little beginnerfied... yes they might look like that, but I hate altering my photo's on photoshop or any of the other programs available. If the shot I take doesn't look as good as it could with a little changing then Oh Well! It was how I took it, the photo holds a memory for me, whether it is good or bad quality! That last photo of the bird is one of my favorite, it's amusing to me and my family, I don't know whether others see it as funny? 

The view from Cothele House, Aqueduct.

Cothele House.

The Gardens!

My granddad's favorite flower - a dahlia.

My family and I went on a canoe trip to a place called 'Cothele Quay', our canoeing skills were something to behold... It ended up with me and dad racing some 18 year old's under the aqueduct whilst trying to not hit the structure.. Mother was in charge of steering at the back, safe to say, she could not cope with the speed dad and I traveled at. The river we were on was about 40ish meters wide... and I am ashamed to say.. we managed to hit the reed beds on EITHER side. That was how bad the steering was. The photo's above are from the House that was above the Quay. It had fantastic gardens and ponds to look around. That's where the photos came from :)

A gull taking off...

Tern with a fish!

I think it just landed...

These final photo's are from Brownsea Island. We went on a boat trip here for the day whilst on holiday. The island was small but held a lot of history, along with red squirrels and some adorable dear. If you haven't heard of this place, give it a Google and get yourself down there this summer! It's worth it, have a lovely stroll and admire some sites.

I hope you like the photo's I will upload some more on later when I have new ones. Feel free to leave comments on your opinions of them, which are your favorites perhaps? 

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Well... I'm guessing it is the same all around the UK at the moment, the big fiasco of SNOW! We have the children that run around grabbing their wellies, plastic coats (that are too big for them), woolly hats (the occasional one with tassels, they are the best), and of course their little mittens! I hope everyone's childhood was like that, getting ready to dash outside and throw the occasional snowball at anything that moves! The main objective though is to make a snowman isn't it? If not then there is something wrong with them... At that age it's okay, there is normally a parent around to help them... maybe to add the final ball to the top as the head, completing the coolest (see what I did there.. 'cool'est ;) ) thing ever created. At that age it is expected of you to go and do that sort of thing, making snowmen and being with your mum or dad to help you... As a 16 year old now... I face the struggle of deciding what to do.. do I go and attempt to build one on my own and risk looking like a fool who has no one to play with? Or do I FORCE my parents to come with me... and risk looking like an incapable teenager that cannot lift the final ball on my work of art? Well this year I have sadly sat inside completing the never ending amount of coursework. Not cool at all. I have sat, gazing out my window, watching the snow fall carefully, getting deeper and deeper! That's how grumpy I am... Anyone with the slightest sense of fun would be out there firing snowballs at little children and making a snowman that towers above anyone else's! I just want to get all my warm clothes on and DO IT! So.. you wonder why I don't go and do it? Well that is because I live in a small village... full of little people.. and opposite the only playing field we have. So throughout the year I get the delight of listening to screaming children playing and arguing about who is in charge, but when it gets to this time of the year where there is snow, I seem to get the delight of HUNDREDS of children running around, screaming at their parents for not collecting enough snow and the occasional crier who has cold hands. If I was to be out there making a snowman of my own imagination then I would want no one else around... I would want all the snow to myself and looking at the terrible abominations (I lie, they are amazing snowmen... ONLY BECAUSE THE PARENT'S DID IT) I would feel the need to destroy some of them to make mine look slightly better... I have been informed by my brother that it is not socially acceptable to destroy something that belongs to someone 10 years younger than me... So that my friends is why I sit staring longingly at the snow instead of going outside and rolling in it. I hope that all you out there have not been as grumpy as me this year and I hope you have gone out and made some amazing snowmen! Your never too old ;) 
Part of the park!

Little paw prints...
What I do enjoy about the snow is the foot indents! A fresh piece of snow that no one has walked on or disturbed is rare... so THAT is where you run madly, no matter who is around, no matter how much of a mentally deranged person you look like, and you make the first mark. Stamp down your feet and then stand back and admire your footprints. Don't forget you are the first person to make your mark in that specific place.. your now special! (Very 'special' if someone see's you doing it)... Seeing little paw prints in the snow makes me smile... I don't know why, I find it cute... On the other hand I find it mean.. don't you? I mean.. surely the poor little feet of whatever have plodded through the snow have to be freezing cold? If you don't agree with me... take of your socks (if your wearing any) and go and plod around in the snow... COLD ISN'T IT?! So how must the little doggies or cats feel? Hmm... I wonder if there are snow boots for animals to keep them warm.. If not, then I may have just given you a genius idea, right? Snow shoes for animals... ;)
Although what I do enjoy about the snow right now, not caring about the little children that irritate me on ridiculously high levels... Is the scenery.  I find it magical, like Narnia? No matter where you live, something covered in snow can look dreamy! A tree with snowflakes settling on the branches, a lamp post accumulating snow on top, giving it a little hat. Or whether it just sits on the ground. Snow.. It might cause that many problems to some people that it drives them mad, but if it's snowing near you, be a child again. Get your gloves on, wrap up warm, squeeze your wellies on over 10 pairs of socks and go and throw snowballs, go and make a snow man! Then when your done being wild and spontaneous get a hot bubble bath and warm up with a steaming cup of tea before you get frost bite on your fingers!

I hope this has been a delightful read and motivated you all to go and be wild! Enjoy it while it lasts my beans before it all turns to sludge! Thank you for reading! Toodles..