Thursday, 28 March 2013

A journey

Hello again, whilst I was writing up my post last night it got me thinking about our world... even more. I have always wanted to travel around the world.. and at 16 I have never been abroad! Which sucks because I would love to go somewhere completely new for a change! Anyway, in the future I would love to go around the world and visit as many places as possible. I thought I would write where I want to go and why for my new post, so here goes! 

1. Australia, starting from the furthest away... Just everything about Australia invites me there, the wildlife, oceans, people and just everything! There are several places which I would really want to go to see, the Great Barrier Reef of course, just the amount of life teeming there would be amazing... Bondi beach! That is another where I would love to go! Although the fear of sharks would keep me from swimming...! Another place would have to be Ayers Rock... As well as going to all these specific places I would just hope to see some of the fantastic wildlife that they have, I won't list it all because it's pretty much everything. Although I would die of a heart attack if I met snakes, crocodiles, or some huge ass tarantula! I do know that if I ever appeared in Aussieland then I would meet some of these lovely beasts! But hey, it's all worth it!

2. Italy, somewhere I have wanted to go for a very long time! Now there is a few places in Italy I wanted to visit, like Rome, Venice, Florence, Capri & San Gimignamo, they are all some awesome places to visit! They all have wonderful architecture & and also character! I make it my mission to definitely go there one day :) I hope there are some of you out there who have had the pleasure of visiting sure a lovely area of out world!

3. India, I would love to go to the more rural areas of India, to see their culture and their wildlife out there, something like that I would love. Helping some families that needed it in the poorest parts etc. A great life experience! 

4. Africa, now there are so many places where I would like to visit here, they would all be amazing, seeing the animals and the plants etc! I would be in heaven, looking at the cultures that are hidden.. rivers and lands that have been lost to us. Truly amazing scenery... A safari would also be VERY cool when there...!

5. USA... now I don't think I need to list all the places I want to go here, as there are loads, but going to the most popular places I would love to do. They would all hold new experiences really! It is so big that it would take me months to see as much as possible, but it will be great :) 

6. Canada.... BEARS! That is why I want to go mainly... to see some bears and to see some beautiful scenery! I hope to one day fulfill my dreams and get this all done :) If not then I will be forever sad haha.
 Thank you for reading :) Hope you all enjoyed this post, maybe you have been to some of these places yourself? Or live there...! If you have a comment then feel free to post it :) TTFN! xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Our world...

Just a small post tonight as I am finding it practically impossible to keep my eyes open! So when I was coming home from hockey I noticed the moon... looking cool as normal, and it got me thinking about how small we are. I know this might seem weird and bizarre, just that's me haha :') It's a full moon tonight so it looks brilliant, and it is rather a clear night so if you are able to right now, go and have a peep at it! :) (if you can see it at all...) 

So anyway, getting back to my point, I was
thinking about how small we all are... compared to a lot of things around us. So while I was gazing away at the moon I was amazed at the size, it's always something I will never be able to get my little head around... how BIG it is out there... then even further from that, unlimited space! I will never be able to understand that one haha, space... just going on and on and on and we have NO idea what is out there, I am not saying that I think it's full of aliens (but I won't rule it out right now) but the thought that there could be another world out there like ours.... BOGGLING. 
Other than that of course there are things on this planet that will amaze me due to their size also, like those big ass sharks out there, and the blue whale.... just amazing really, how something can be so large! Try and imagine yourself next to something that size... that's alive. I say alive because I know there will be some people out there who are thinking I am an idiot because there are buildings 100 times the size of anything in our oceans etc... (Just use your imagination here and go with me)... I might seem weird by saying this but just thinking about what is out there, other than us and how large they are makes me see how fragile we all are really... it's an mind blowing to think about somethings out there, so if you have a few minutes of spare time, perhaps before bed tonight, or work in the morning.. think about some interesting things out there... don't get carried away though.. ;) time flies when your having fun haha! 

Thank you for reading :) feel free to comment if you like, Micky xxx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Parent's evening...

Now tonight was the dreaded parent's evening... now if you have been through school then you might feel the same was as 95% of the people I know... hatred for this event to pop up on your school calender. It means that everything you have done in the past year is going to be recited to your parents, who most of the time just want to know what weird things you have been up to to beat you for... haha. Well tonight was my parents evening :) I have to say... it went well... considering I thought I would get moaned at by my teachers I am happy with the out come... 

Me... soon...
To start with I had my history and to cut it short, both my teachers said I was a very bright student who needs to be more confident to reach my full potential.... I have to say the look of shock on my parents face was hootful, and also I did manage to laugh hysterically at them when they said it. Me? Clever? no. Although due to what was said I am now re thinking about dropping it next year... ahh decisions once again! I am useless at them! My health and psychology went the same too... both saying I was doing well and putting in enough effort. I was pleased with all my results tonight... I think though that parents are just going to be critics constantly. Due to the amount of times 'revision' was mentioned tonight they are both hounding me with 'you will revise more', 'you can't go out' & 'you need to do more revision so you don't mess up another 24 marker'. The support...! :') Lovely.  Also as I am currently avoiding the life ahead of me, I don't know if I want to go to uni or what else I want to do... I am a lost little..... rat? Yes rat. I have no idea what I am doing or what I am meant to be doing, therefore I have no goals other then survive this year and get my work done. 

I hope all my chums have had an equally helpful evening tonight and mainly positive
.... TTFN :) 

Monday, 25 March 2013

School... bad or good?

It's amazing how fast things can change in life... for instance somethings pick up for people on one side but for another they can fall dramatically. In my life, things at the moment are getting better with my lovely boyf, I am spending more time with him which is making me a lot happier, something I have needed for a long time. Although my school work is a bit..... (to say the least) CRAP. One of my biggest problems at school is my coursework for my health lessons, now I will say it now... BTEC Health and Social care, so for all you out there that are my age or have been in school and had this option... do not think it's easy just because it is a BTEC. Everyone assumes that because there is no exam for it , that it is easy because it is just writing things down. This really gets to me because this basically leads a lot of people to the idea that those who take it are stupid.. It annoys me because people have NO idea how much work there is for it... looking at the work that others do, we get set a new assignments each week that require as much work as others subjects ask for... I am sick of people complaining about the subject, making comments about how it must be really easy when they have no idea themselves how much work there is. Sorry that was more of a rant.... ANYWAY, recently I have been getting behind on this work and it's really starting to show.. no sleep, worries, and just generally feeling sad.. (I have some amazing friends though to help me, luckily) As well as all that work to catch up on I recently had a history mock... that was hell, although I managed to get a B in both papers which I am so happy about because I normally bomb exams... hopefully it will all go as well in the real thing in May... although anything can happen... I have no point to this blog... just rambles I think, and please don't judge people... just because you THINK you know something...!

I have noticed whenever one thing starts to go right, another starts to fall down. So at the moment my life outside of school is chirpy, whilst my work is scraping along the floor... I intend to use these 2 weeks holiday coming up for Easter to revise my ass off and catch up with all of this work I am getting behind on..! Easter means chocolate... which means happiness... haha, so hopefully it will be a good time for me :) Role on the sun &spring...! GET OUT SNOW! Thank you for reading... feel free to comment your opinions, if your in the same position as me... or know how I can feel better and organise myself more! Thank you for reading... HAPPY SOON TO BE EASTER! xxxx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Some little things...

This time I want to talk about a few things I have made... or enjoy... or have been given :)

The start of the edge
Patches put together
One edge!
A pig and a heart my Grandma knitted
As a 16 (nearly 17 can I say) year old I am not like most.. interested in drink at every party they go to and in love with fashion and socialising.. my friends think I am a bit weird because I don't like alcohol or parties.. What I do spend my time doing though is knitting. Now I will give you a few minutes to stop laughing at me... finished? Good. Now I do it because my dear old granny (yes it's her again) loves to knit. She was brought up with who was taught be her Grandmother. Now I spent a lot of my summer days last year at her house, and eventually after all my gardening tasks were done she would spend the afternoon teaching me how to knit. I had tried it before but gave up pretty quickly because I was useless! Although this time I stuck with it...! I set myself the challenge of knitting a blanket for myself by Christmas 2012... and I have to say, very proudly, I did it! :) 


Instagramed Golden Eagle
Wheat in the Wind
 So as you might also be able to tell.. I am a huge fan instagram... feel free to follow if you read this if you have it.. I think my name is mickleshaw :) As I love taking photo's anyway, i thought I would try it out and i love it because I can add different effects to my pictures to make them look cool :) So here are a few examples :)


Sooty <3

Mavis <3
My nails!


Lemsip that my brother made me! <3
The Shaw Hall of photos
I hope you enjoyed those... They are a little boring probably for some people, but I enjoy them all, they either mean something to me or have a memory attached to them! :)

Here are some more things that I want to share with you all,  they are all the things I love that I own...;
This is a canvas my friend Chrisi made
 me for Christmas! I love it! <3

Paper Chain... 

 I think you have probably had enough of all my photo's and belongings now haha, I hope you enjoyed reading and veiwing this... Thank you :) feel free to comment and follow!

Cath Kidston make up back! <3
Nail Polish and Crackle.... 
Other end of paper Chain!
My great great aunt's clock given to me...

Saturday, 16 March 2013

League Final!

Burton Ladies 3's
LONG time no post! For this I am ashamed with myself.. I wanted to talk about my experience today... I had one of the most important hockey games so far in my life! It might not seem like an interesting topic, but for me it is something that I love. For this past season (autumn to spring) I have been playing every (sort of) Saturday in a league table.. My team this year was almost new! We had 6 people leave us last year and we gained another 6 and a couple more this year! With a fresh team we managed to storm through out matches and to start with we manages to reach over 10 goals each match! Over Christmas we had a break and got back into it again and we were always winning. Our biggest games were against a team called Stavely.. they have always been strong players! Our first match against them was hard but we managed to keep our winning streak! Although after that game it was soon clear to us that they were going to be our toughest opponents... Today my readers was the final of the league and we were against Stavely!! We all walked onto the pitch knowing we had to draw or win the game to be crowned true champions of the league and to be promoted next season! The first half was nail biting I tell you, although we managed to keep the ball 85% of the time they got a few close shots on goal... although we leveled out the score at 0-0 the first half... We came back on the pitch for the second half truly determined! Our end result was 4-0 and honestly the most dramatic game I have ever played! There were so many supporters and everytime we got near the goal people were screaming at us! The players who scored were truly perfecto in their shots! I am lucky to be part of such a lovely group of people and some of my closest friends are among the team! Each time I play I get to spend some time with some truly hilarigoose! I was also lucky enough to be chosen for MOTM (or lady of the match)! If any of you readers out there want to try a new sport then I personally think you should go for it, joining my hockey club 8 years ago was the best thing I have ever done and it is something I will always stick with! Thank you for reading! Well done Burton Ladies for todays win! :)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Exam results...

One of the toughest times for people who have just has  exams is waiting the months in between the exams and when they find out their results... There is a results day this Thursday for many around the UK who have taken January exams... we are going to know our first grades of the year. For me personally I will be getting back my psychology! I am predicted an A but I tell you all now that is not going to happen. AT ALL. I will be lucky to even pass this exam, of course I will have the option to re sit it later in the year, but I doubt that it will help because me and exams are old enemies. There are many more people I know getting their results back on Thursday, some are worried, some a mellow and some are excited because they know they have done well. Oh I envy those clever people... knowing that they are going to do well! GRRR. Now there are the people like me who are very worried about what they get, hoping to show themselves that they can do things well, or maybe their families. I know for me I am going to get murdered by my family if I don't get grades that they like... which makes me worry all the more. I guess I will have to wait and see what Thursday brings. Hopefully good grades and smiles for everyone, but you never know. I will report back soon! Then again I might not depending on if I am alive or not.....! TTFN.

I think this is a bit of a random post, with no meaning or need... just a few facts shoved in... haha oh well :)