Thursday, 4 April 2013


Well... hey again, it has been a week now of holiday! A week already... woah. Although I am meant to have done so much revision, yet I seem to do some, then forget it all or lose it all in my head somewhere... How? I do not know. I have always been useless with revision, but this year it is really annoying me because I need to do so much more than I have ever done. There are people at school who have got folders and folders of revision.. and then there is me, with a page or so! I just can't seem to write it all down in a way that I remember. So I get pressured by my parents and teachers at school.. mind maps, essays, fact sheets... I have done some of these, but nothing seems to work for me. 

My history is what I need to revise the most, although amazingly the school email isn't working for me, which is a great time! I joke. It has made me so angry because I have no way of emailing my work to my teachers for marking. It's infuriating... as well as my revision that is taking up so much time I have over 20 pieces of course work to do.. Urgh. Wish me luck. 

If you have any comments or advice to give on revision techniques, feel free to comment..! Thanks xxx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Holiday plans..

SO! Now we are on the Easter holiday's I have decided to do something more with my time than revise, sleep & watch TV. I am going to lose weight. For those who are reading this and know me then you will know I am a whale, well I am going to put everything I have into losing weight this holiday. I have two weeks to show myself that I can do it and by summer I hope to look better. I have always tried to lose weight but failed, I may have been able to keep up a diet for about a week... if that... but this time I am more determined than ever! Having friends that are skinny little poles, it's made me see how different I am compared to them... so I am doing it this time! I will take it seriously! :)

I have started today by not having the sweet delights that I would normally fill myself with, I also had a blast on the Wii... I haven't been on for a while... It was great fun! Although.. short story: I started it by doing the BMI test... weight n'all... then it asked me to complete two balance tests, I did,,, BUT my dad was standing on the back of the board... which messed it all up, I hadn't noticed, I just thought my balance was shocking. Anyway, I completed it all oblivious of what he was doing, it then told me that my age was 34 I was like WTF!? Dad laughs at me, along with my brother... then blabs he was pushing on the back of it! He did get beats... he left the room injured >:) I then re did my tests and got the age of 17! I was very proud considering in just under a month that's the age I will be :)

Continuing... so I have 2 weeks off school, my aim is to at least knock off a few pounds... I WILL do it... I will continue to tell you of my progress over my time, although I won't tell you my weight because that is just embarrassing... :) So hey, hope you all have a great week or two if you off school... and also hope you have had a great Easter :) Peace out.... xxx

Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter!

Howdy Doo all! Happy 1st April :) Easter Sunday was yesterday! I don't have much to say really this time.. other than I hope you all got a reasonable number of chocolate eggs, big and small :) I managed to get a few, I think about 4 in total :) I am a happy bunny! Although previously I have seen chocolate and demolished it... Although this year I have not... yes it's only the day after but trust me when I admit that normally my eggs would not have lasted 12 hours. I am a beast.

Anyway I hope you have all got many eggs yourselves! Don't eat them too fast... we don't want ill bunnies! Yes right now you are all bunnies. If you haven't got at least 3 then I demand you go to friends and family and inquire as to where their eggs for you are. No one should be egg less at this time of the year... OH OH OH! Did anyone have a Easter egg hunt?! Or prepare one... I sadly did not :( apparently nearly 17 years old is a time where hunts stop :( (my parents like punishing me). The hunt is the best part, you get to hunt for about an hour finding all these chocolatty treats! ARGHGH how mad I am that I didn't get to do it this year! I may have to try and arrange something later this week with my brother... just to have a whale of a time when parents are at work... although he is 21 I am sure he will be up for it >:)

 Also a congratulations to those out there who managed to survive whatever they gave up over lent! I hope you all pigged out as soon as it was over? Haha... I personally have never been able to have the determination to give up something... I tried chocolate once, but then they started having special offers on mini eggs at my local shop... I had to abandon lent and eat as many as I could... I am a bad person. Clearly. ANYWAY, I hope your all happy out there with your chocolate eggs :)

Thanks for reading... Micky xxx