Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Now recently I have posted about my photo's that I have done so I have been moved to do a couple more today... although as before you may have seen some photo's before.. but this time instead of just random photo's that I pick I decided to have a theme, and I have decided that today shall be butterflies and maybe a little dragonfly. I personally love taking photo's of butterflies, along with flowers this has to be one of my favorite. Sometimes it can be impossible to get them to sit still long enough for you to get close and focus although other times they will just sit there peacefully for as long as you could want! Now this is the type of flutterby I love. Here are some pictures of what I managed to get butterfly wise :) 

I know a couple of those may seem a little blurred around the edges but I wanted to show the different types of butterfly that I have managed to see, they weren't ALL in my back garden though people... some were at the zoo :) 

SO next up I am sneaking in a little dragonfly, now there is only one photo because of HOW HARD IT IS to get a photo of one of these butts... they spend most of their time flying around avoiding the camera or they are hiding somewhere, so this was lucky to walk past.  I don't know why but I really like this photo.. most of it is in focus to I guess that's probably why haha... 

I hope you have liked these photos, comments are once again welcome at the bottom :) feel free to say if you don't like them or maybe you do, love to hear what you have to think... Thank you :)

Micky xxxx

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A few more

So hey again, I haven't had any wonderful ideas recently about what I could write about that would be of any interest to you all.. SOOOO I have decided to show a few more photo's that I have taken, again, if you have already seen my blog then you may have seen the photo's but if not here you go :)

So there you go again, a couple more of my photo's some of them I am not completely happy with but hey, they will never be perfect :) I can't make my mind up though on that damn slug, it took me ages to find him but non of the photo's I took I was completely happy with, oh well :) Hope you like them!

Micky xxxx

Monday, 10 June 2013

My favorite photo's

Hey everyone, I am not too good at this regular blogging thing, my bad, so this time I wanted to add a couple of photos to the collection, some you may have already seen before but this time I wanted to add the ones that I personally find my favorite, feel free to comment at the bottom to share your own opinions :) 

"These are a few of my favorite things" tehehe, I sang that (if you didn't go back and sing it) SO anyway, I hope you liked them :) feel free to comment your opinions whether you like them or not, keep watching for more posts, feeling in the mood to do another one really soon :) 

TTFN, Micky xxxx